Having a movie, or a series of pictures showing your issue often helps narrow the problem down and will make it much easier for the Elveflow Support team to advise troubleshooting solutions that apply to your case.

With WeTransfer, you can share large files up to 2 GB when using the free service, which is way more than the email attachment size.

While this may look like a simple task at first glance, when using WeTransfer to provide us with the troubleshooting information we need to help you, some ways are definitely more effective than others. 

Here are steps you need to follow to send us files via WeTransfer:

Step 1: Visit wetransfer.com.
Step 2: On the same page click on the plus sign (+) and add the files you want to send.
Step 3: Click on the three dots symbol "(...)" to reveal the email/link transfer switch.

Step 4: After adding files, click on the 'Transfer' button to generate a link.

Step 5: Once the upload finishes, you'll have a link that you can copy and paste into your Elveflow support ticket.

Important information:

Sending us a transfer link when replying to an existing support ticket is a much better method than sending your file by email transfer. Why this? Well, email transfer will open a new support ticket, while adding a link to a conversation in an existing support ticket, will not open a new ticket for the same issue.

Opening multiple tickets about the same issue can cause confusion, and can sometimes be more frustrating with either receiving similar answers, or a message that says "Looks like this was handled in support ticket #26277!"