National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) is a useful software that can be used in a number of situations. The NI MAX Software is automatically installed with Elveflow Smart Interface. 

1. Using NI MAX with the SDK.

When using the SDK, Elveflow Instruments are designated in using their device name. The device name can be known and changed using NI MAX. 

2. Using NI MAX with ESI.

Using NI MAX can be useful to show the Elveflow instruments connected to the computer. Checking the status of your connected devices in NI MAX is a common check when troubleshooting instruments connections issues.

3. How to open NI MAX

  1.  NI MAX has been automatically installed on your computer while installing ESI software. Find NI MAX on your computer by typing “NI MAX” on the Windows search for example and open it.

  1. You should obtain a window similar to this one (except the black squares and language):

  1. Expand the “Devices and Interfaces” tab to reveal connected instruments. Depending on the devices connected to your computer you will find multiple lines. In our case (OB1) we have to find a line with “NI USB-8451”. When you find it, click on it. You should obtain a window similar to this one:

  1. The name of the instrument is written in the “Name” part. Here it is “01C9D9C3” but depending on the device connected (MSR, AF1 etc...) the name could be “Dev1” for example.

Please copy the name of the instruments and make a screen capture of this window for troubleshooting purposes. Share this information with Elveflow Custmer Support when required.