Flow Sensor tuning is the key for flow control performance. Using an OB1 Flow Controller with a Flow Sensor without proper conditioning of the setup will result in poor setup performance. Without this tuning, your sensor values will most likely be not stable enough, making the flow control unstable, slow, or even over-reactive.

Therefore, Elveflow provides a set of standard resistances that can be connected to a MFS. These standard resistances are designed to be used with aqueous solutions. If you’re using a different fluid, the resistance will be different, too. But you can still install a resistance of specific length and internal diameter. To help you find the appropriate dimensions of resistance you may require, the MFS User Guide provides a series of instructions to help any user set a Feedback loop to control the Flow Rate in microfluidic channels. These resources allow users to adjust the crucial flow parameters to get an optimal setup with a

reasonable amount of effort.

Then, the adjustment of these parameters (with the understanding of their effects) can provide the control needed for the user's application.