What we need you to provide us with 

We usually ask for the following information, that will help us track down what’s happening and figure out the best way forward.

    ⏵the serial number of the devices used: Please list every device (w/ S/N) involved in the issue you encountered.

    ⏵the purchase invoice: to check the equipment purchased

    ⏵the ESI initilization file: this file is located in C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Elvesys \ ESI \ data and is named "ConfigESI.ini". This is used to cross-check the equipment purchased with the way they are set into the software.

    ⏵ the error messages displayed, if any: Did you receive any error messages? if yes, please send us a screenshot or at least the error code displayed.

    ⏵ description of your setup: 

⏵  Pictures: you can always send us a photo of the assembly you are using, so that we can get a visual, and check if there is any advice we could give you.

⏵  Movies: whether it concerns a strange noise or an unexpected behavior, a video is sometimes a quick and easy way to clearly share a concern. Feel free to send us any additional picture or movie of your issue. We advise using WeTransfer because you can upload a maximum of 2GB per transfer with this service.

⏵ Drawing: Finally, a drawing of your setup could help, too (to save your time you can use the file attached for that purpose).   

How we'll use this information to get this problem sorted as quickly as possible.
Once you send us this, our next step will be to replicate that same issue on our side. Then we’ll be able to tell if it’s something broken on our side, and work with our team on it. If not, then it’s possible there’s something specific to your setup that we will need to dig into together.

Narrowing the problem down in that way will make it much faster for our team here to help you, because we won’t have to waste your time while we’re testing solutions that don’t apply to your case.

Thanks for your understanding,