If you find an error with your equipement, or if you just want some help on a specific Elveflow feature, you're welcome to open a support ticket by sending an email to customer@elveflow.com.

Please send us a clear description of your issue or request. 
Now we understand that reporting bugs or sending a help request can be a cumbersome process. 
But at the end of the day it is really worth your time to help us help you, because this will allow us to send specific advices that apply to your specific situation

You should include these elements:

  1. Subject: Keep it brief and use correct terms. A best practice is to include the name of the feature where you found an issue. A good example could be "Unable to calibrate the OB1".
  2. Description/summary: Explain the bug, or what you're trying to achieve in a few words. Keep in mind that your description might be used to search in your bug tracking application, so make sure to use the right words.
  3. Environment: Depending on your device (serial number), Windows operating system, software version (e.g. LabVIEW) and ESI version, your equipment may behave differently from one environment to another. Make sure our experts know your technical environment.
  4. Visual proof: A picture is worth a thousand words. Although it might not be enough, a visual element like a screenshot or a video will help our experts understand the problem better and faster.
  5. Steps to reproduce: A screenshot is a proof that you had a problem, but keep in mind that we might not be always able to reproduce the bug. Make sure to describe, with as much detail as possible, the steps you took before you encountered the bug.
  6. Expected vs. actual results: Explain what results you expected - be as specific as possible. Just saying it doesn’t work as expected“ does not provide enough information. It’s also helpful to describe what you actually experienced. 
  7. Contacts: As obvious as it may sound, do not forget to add your name, and email, so that we can reach out to you as soon as the issue is solved, or if we need more information from you.

Attached is a generic Issue Report Form. You may use it for any case, to consolidate your issue description and our understanding of it.  
Please fill the form in as much as possible and send it back in order to get a faster troubleshooting. 
Don't forget to send us your ESI initialization file (see document for details), and send it all to customer@elveflow.com

Thank you very much for your contribution!