1. Installation of an MFS Flow Sensor

Please have a look at the User Guide of the MFS (see document attached below) in order to be able to use your MFS sensor in full comfort.  We advise to read this manual completely, so you will be familiar with its possibilities. 

2. Tuning an MFS Flow Sensor to set a Flow Control feedback loop

Setting up a Flow Rate control is easier than you might think! 
Please follow the documents attached below, to understand the basic principles of Flow Resistance and PID control, and set things up yourself.

Step 1: Adjust the flow resistance 
(to stabilize your setup)
Step 2: Adjust the flow control parameters to reach the target rapidly, without overshoot

See the details of the Flow Control tuning in the MFS User Guide below.

The additional information below may be helpful too, so please take a few minutes to read it over. 

1The adapter fittings are only required to connect MFS1, MFS2 and MFS3 with 1/4-28 fittings. 
MFS4 and MFS5 can be directly connected to the flow path using 1/4-28 fittings (i.e. adapters are not required).
2A while ago, we made a video to describe the main steps to connecting an MFS sensor to an Elveflow setup. While there may be differences with your actual order, the best way to be get a quick understanding about how it works might well be to have a look at this MFS installation video.